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‧Register Chain
‧Chain Double Torsion
‧Single Jack Chain
‧Double Jack Chain
Weldless -Decorator chain
‧Oval Link Chain
‧Oblong Link Chain
‧Dimpled Chain
‧Cathedral Chain
‧Twist Rope
‧Spanish Link Chain
Weldless-Loop Chain
‧Double Loop Chain
‧Lock Link Chain
Weldless-Hobby Chain
‧Clock Link Chain
‧O Chain
‧Twist Link Chain
‧Machine Chain
‧Coil Chain
‧Passing Link
‧Utility Link
Sash Chain
‧Sash Chain
‧Round Edge
‧Small Sash Chain
‧Mirror Chain
‧Plumbers Chain
welded-Twist Link Chain
‧Twist Coil Chain
‧Twist Machine Chain
‧Flat Twist Link
‧DIN 766
‧DIN 5685C
‧DIN 5686
Welded Grade 30
‧Grade 30 Proof Coil Chain
Plastic Product
‧Plastic Chain
‧Plastic S- Hook
‧Plastic Joint
Ball Chain
‧Ball Chain
Assessory & Assembly
‧O Ring
‧D Ring
‧Spring Hook
‧Quick Link
‧Key Ring
‧Key Hook
‧Ball Chains Connector
‧Ball Chain Connector-end
‧SNAP Hook
Dog Chain
‧Twist Chain-Dog
‧Choke Chain
‧pet chain
Door Chain
‧Door Chain
‧Door Chain
Emergency Ladder
‧Leader chain
Follower pot chain
‧Double Jack Chain
‧Twist Link Chain
‧Single Jack Chain
Backetball Net
‧Single Chain
‧Double loop chain

San Yi Chains & Hardware Co., Ltd.

1970, H.Y Liao-the owner of company, started the business in a small workshop.

1975, Dot To Surface Enterprise Co., LTD. was estavlished in Chai-Yi, Taiwan.

1998, the branch company, San Ti Chains Hardware Co., LTD. was setup in Guangdong, China.

Ecperience of chain business for many years, we have kept evolve us into a high-quality test room with
various testing instruments.

Dot To Surface & San Yi continue to improve our products and service for you.


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